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Graduate School Locker Keys




HaSS PGR Student Locker Key


Detailed Description

Terms and Conditions

  1. Lockers are only available to registered Postgraduate-Research (PhD, MPhil, MRes) Students, EdD students and Postgraduate-Instructional students that have been granted permission to use the Graduate School by the Associate-Dean.  Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) students are not eligible.
  2. The student has sole ownership of their locker. This right is not transferable and any student found sharing their locker or of giving their key away will lose their right to a locker.
  3. The student pays a non-refundable deposit and has ownership of their locker for the duration of their study plus 1 year of writing up.
  4. The student is only eligible for one locker.
  5. The locker will be assigned by a member of the Graduate School staff and a note of the number and owner will be recorded.
  6. The student agrees to maintain their locker, ensuring that it is kept clean and tidy.
  7. The student agrees not to deface their locker, for example with stickers or graffiti.  Any student doing so will have their right to a locker permanently revoked.
  8. A student who enters the writing up period should normally relinquish their locker, unless they have an agreement in place with the Associate-Dean Postgraduate Research.
  9. A student who enters voluntary suspension for a period longer than 6 months must return their locker key to a member of the Graduate School staff, and re-apply for a locker upon resuming their studies.
  10. Any student who does not return their locker key when asked to do by a member of the Graduate School team will have their items removed from their locker and disposed of. This may occur, for example, when the student's period of study has ended.
  11. If the locker key is lost or misplaced, the student will be charged the full cost for a replacement.
  12. If a student loses their locker key repeatedly, they may become illegible for a locker for the remainder of their period of study

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